day 208. plinky: remember when?

What three songs remind you of a specific time in your life?

(1) Gone by N*SYNC

(2) Do You Believe in Magic? by The O’Jays

(3)The March of the Witch Hunters by Wicked: Original Broadway Cast

Alright, these songs do not remind me of a singular time in my life, they are from three separate times.

First, whenever I hear “Gone” I think of the time when my sister and I shared a room when we were younger. Every night she would fall asleep to either this song, or the Backstreet Boys’ “Spanish Eyes.” I have never been someone who can fall asleep easily; even when I’m tired it takes me forever to fall asleep. So, I would probably be awake for at least the first ten rotations of the track. Because of this, I started to really hate those songs–especially when they would get stuck in my head the next morning.

“Do You Believe in Magic?” reminds me of when I was 11 and ABC Family was Fox Family and Alia Shawkat played a little Jewish girl in the ’60s on a show called State of Grace. I remember watching it became almost a religious experience. I’d quietly watch it in the living room, and then contemplate the deeper meaning of this little half-hour show about these two girls raised on two totally points of the spectrum of normal, but are the greatest of friends. The only reason I downloaded the full version to this O’Jays song was because of this show. Every time I listen to it, it makes me smile.

So, I remember reading an article about Wicked in the New York Times theater after it won seven bajillion (approximately) Tonys. I watched a few clips on the website and decided I loved it and needed to see it the second it came to Kansas City. But it was in it’s heyday at that time and then I realized it wouldn’t be coming anywhere near us until the hype had died down a bit. Luckily, only a couple years later, our band went on a trip to Chicago, and a trip to see Wicked was on the itinerary. So, we went and watched it—and I have to admit it here: I totally cried at the end. I know, I’m such an asshole.

Anyway, everyone else fell in love with Wicked at that time, and bought the cd, and anytime we got into anyone’s car to drive anywhere, even if it was only three seconds away, we would put in Wicked and sing along to “March of the Witch Hunters.” The reason this was the song that was the most fun to sing along to was because Elphaba has this awesome incantation she recites over a boiling cauldron and we’d get really dramatic and sing along to the faux-spell.

day 187. surprisingly, john travolta never flew into my backyard.

Describe a childhood fantasy of yours.

Has it come true?

I was a whimsical child. In fact, I find that even now I’m prone to my “whimsies” or “flights of fancy,” as I prefer to call them now. My childhood best friend, Archie, and I made around 14 different forts in our backyards, front yards, side yards, other neighbor’s yards, and beyond. We had a lot of space and we used it all.

Before everyone around us started cutting down their trees, we would use the trees as our fantasy stations. The evergreen in one of our neighbor’s backyards served as a rocket ship, the tree with the drooping branches and leaves that touched the ground served as our own personal Grandmother Willow. We were creative.

There were no fences in our backyards, and so there was this big wide space between all the trees. When they started to cut down the trees, the space grew even wider.

While watching some bogus news show, I heard that John Travolta had his own plane and he and his family would fly places and he’d land at their private houses.

My father was a pilot and was very rarely home because of his work schedule. After hearing about how John Travolta got to take his family everywhere I figured my dad could do the same. And we had space in our backyard!

I imagined him landing in the backyard after lunchtime and welcoming us aboard as we flew to wherever he needed to go and then wherever we wanted to go. He never did.

I figured John Travolta would, and so I started hoping he would come and we could totally hang out and he’d more than likely take me to Disney World in his plane. But he never showed up either.

But we played in the rocket ship tree and waited.

day 180. plinky prompt phriday: the big dollhouse.

The jig is up – you just got one year in jail. You get to bring three things with you to jail. What are they?

Take note TI, this is what you need to be doing for at least the first year of your year and a day prison sentence.

Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”
Because it is considered the world’s greatest novel by a vast majority of people I know that eventually I will read it. What better time then when I’m paying my debt to society for a year?

tarot cards
Everyone wants to be friends with someone who can read tarot cards. Or, maybe that’s just me and my love of Angela and Rayanne’s relationship in “My So-Called Life” and my secret desire to be that chick with the random set

the complete lyrics to R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet 1-23”
Seriously, this might be the only item I would really need if I were to spend a year in the slammer. Imagine the shows the prison could put on with these lyrics! that’s really all the explanation you need, because it’s *kind of* a DUH. I mean read this:

“Shit, think, shit, think, shit. Quick, put me in the closet”
And now I’m in this dark ass closet, tryin’ to figure out
Just how I’m gonna get my crazy ass up out this house

Brilliant, really. Or, at the very least, original.

Plinky Prompt: Money, Money, Money.

Money is the root of all evil—true or false?


Defend your position

I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil because, at least according to the creation story, evil was released into the world when Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Or, evil was released into the world because of Pandora’s box?


Either way, evil was around long before money was around. The true root of all evil is greed.

day 166. Summer Soundtrack: Hey DAYDREAMER, look into the DAYLIGHT, because I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER

What three songs are on your summer soundtrack?

Explain why these songs are suited for warm weather

Summer soundtrack? A cooler me would list Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” as my number one, but I’m not that cool. So here’s my real list:

Daylight by Matt and Kim
Matt & Kim

What’s the one thing you have more of than anything else in summer? DAYLIGHT. Hence: perfect song. Plus, the beat is so catchy and just cute enough that you don’t even mind when it gets stuck in your head.

Daydreamer by Adele

This song sounds like what it feels like to be laying out on a blanket, in the middle of the day at the park. Wearing heart-shaped glasses. In a pretty, frilly summer dress. In a Sophia Coppola film (I assume).

I’ve Got Your Number by Passion Pit
Passion Pit
When I’m driving through town I roll the windows down and blast this song. It’s easier for me to pretend that I’m rollerblading down East Coast sidewalks during summertime in the mid-80s with the wind blowing my hair back when I do that.

day 159. p^3.

How far would you travel (or have you traveled) to see your favorite performer?

Would you fly 2,000 miles to see your favorite band reunite for one night? Did you drive all day to see your favorite comic? Who would you go the distance for?

The farthest I have ever traveled to see a performer, whom I suppose could be called my “favorite performer”, was a three hour drive to Tulsa one weekend to see Li’l Wayne perform.

My friend Kathleen and I spent way too much money on tickets and got a hotel two blocks away from the BOK center to spend the night in. We got to our seats and were sitting next to a girl named Ashley, who claimed to be dating the assistant coach for the LA Clippers, or something like that. She decided that it was her duty to supply us with free drinks for the night and called herself our “big sister” for the night.

It was an epic night.

Ashley, free drink provider
Ashley, free drink provider

day 152. the divine comedy.

If your life were made into a movie, what genre would it be?

I definitely believe that if my life were made into a movie it would be a comedy. Not a Will Ferrell comedy, but more along the lines of a Woody Allen or, better yet, a Wes Anderson comedy. It would be a little bit dark and would (maybe) hold the ability to have an impact, however little, on certain groups/types of people.

Not everyone would be able to understand it, and maybe even less people would be able to find the truly hilarious parts. But, the right people would get it.

day 145. plinky prompt: dreeeeeams, dreams, dreams, dreams…

What’s the last dream you remember having? What do you think it means?
Surely Christian Bale didn’t mean to spill all that syrup on your accordion. But tell us all about it anyway.

It was move-out day for the dorms. It wasn’t at all like the dorms on the hills, but when is reality properly expressed in dreams? I was throwing loads and loads of clothes and things into my car, and I accidently pushed it into reverse. I walk away, and the car starts to slowly drive away. Suddenly, I’m upstairs and I’m seeing my car twist and turn through the rows of people and cars, without hitting anything and without anyone noticing. I freak out and I see it take off down a busy street, once again weaving and bobbing through traffic, as if it were a runaway tire and not a car. Finally, it hit something and I turned away from the window, trying to find out how I could avoid blame for the accident–and most importantly, how I was going to get home without a car.

That’s when Orlando Bloom showed up and he was being wonderful and charming. And I decided that Orlando Bloom would be my boyfriend and that he would give me a ride home. We hold hands and get on the elevator to my floor, when it opens the floor is in total disarray. I get to my room and realize that it’s STILL full of things to pack! My RA says, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you five more minutes to pack!” I needed at least an hour, but I quickly started pulling things out of my drawers. Then I realized that my sheets and pillows were still all on the bed. I was seconds away from a panic attack, a really intense panic attack, when I woke up. I was antsy for at least a full hour after that dream.

Since move-out day was so difficult for me, I think that the dream was just my mind exploring different, more horrible ways it could have gone. It was all just a very complicated way my mind had of telling me, “Consider the silver lining!”

day 138. summertime treats.

What summer food are you most looking forward to?

Will Smith’s “Summertime” is playing in my head. And what am I thinking about? What books I’ll read this summer, where I’ll go and, most importantly, what I’ll eat. So, what exacty will I be eating?

An Indian Taco
An Indian Taco

Funnel cakes and Indian tacos!

Funnel cakes are fairly typical as a summer food, but I’m not sure if Indian Tacos are as well known. Every year at my town’s River Festival there’s a wide array of delicious food available, ranging from peach cobbler, authentic Greek food (DON’T try this, but I guess not eating Greek food at an outdoor festival is a “duh”) to Indian Tacos.

day 131. the return. or, “my super hidden talent”

Finally, after much anticipation by no one, Plinky Prompt Phriday is back.

What’s your hidden talent?

A talent so hidden, that even I can’t find it? I’m the next Mozart.

I like to believe that my hidden talent is so hidden that even I haven’t been able to find and cultivate it. Sometimes, I randomly guess as to what that talent could be. First, I presumed it was dance, but that fell through. Next, I was sure I was destined to be a brilliant acrobat, but I learned I was too tall for that.

Now, I believe that my hidden talent is a musical one. I’m a piano prodigy. Besides being able to bang out Chopsticks and many improvised ramblings on the piano, I generally stay away, lest I be proven wrong about this hidden talent.

I’m the next Amadeus. But, the world will never know for sure.