disposable dixie cup drinkin’

I subleased an apartment this summer and it was supposed to be absolutely perfect. Because things can be absolutely perfect, they just usually aren’t–this place was no exception.

I moved out a week early but didn’t return my keys until yesterday morning. I’m weird with goodbyes.

Even if it’s just some place I lived while waiting for my house to be ready.

Even if it’s to some guy that I realized I couldn’t stand one month after moving in.

Because I never saw it empty and it was never that clean.

And I guess I’m weird with short questions and one word answers.

And walking into an apartment and realizing your stuff never belonged there.

And leaving on a Wednesday afternoon when I knew you’d be in class.

And headaches and hangovers and never coexisting and 3AM text messages that I’d rather not read.

And I moved but now I’m living a block away from freshman year mistakes, or auld lang syne, so I’m constantly trying to remember to forget but I’m weird with goodbyes.