Thursday nights in Lawrence are schooner nights at Louise’s. For $2.25, it’s the cheapest and most voluminous drink in town. An added bonus is that it’s three doors down from an especially greasy pizza place, Pyramid, which happens to be open one hour past last call. The Holy Grail of Pyramid Pizza is Bonez.

photo via Megan Do

Bonez are basically bread sticks stuffed with three different cheeses and slathered in garlic that I really can’t write about unless I want to drive myself crazy with cravings. It is James Franco/Yoplait yogurt SO. GOOD. And cheesy blasters so bad for you. But, SO GOOD.

I didn’t get Bonez yesterday (and haven’t since Megan‘s going away party; sign of solidarity while she can’t have them/we try to figure out a way to ship them to her in NYC, perhaps?) but I did go to schooner night where I got to try some of my friend Kevin‘s Strongbow and enjoy a pimp glass full of Bud (Amer’ca).

Kevin spent last summer in Cambridge so he’s basically Gwyneth Paltrow now–meaning, he’s an expert on British culture. My friend Andrea (introduced to me by Megan, probably at schooner night–six degrees!)–who is also an Anglophile and also spent time in Britain one summer–started talking to Kevin about British culture and drinks and the next thing I knew we were back at his house drinking Pimm’s.

Which is how Pimm’s became the first of 100 cocktails.

Apparently, this cocktail is to Wimbledon what the mint julep is to the Kentucky Derby so I suppose it’s a relevant first.