What we believe matters.

In math and physics, in love and war, we must decide where we will start. We make an educated guess from this place and do the work to verify that we were right to do this.

Matter, everything around and that is us, exists in different states. The same substance can move through different phases, but it is always the thing it is.

Every Monday morning, I send out a missive in my storytelling series, Hope You’re Well. I started writing it in 2014, and paused somewhere thereafter for a few years while I took long drives and made bad and good decisions and forgot to write anything down and remembered to write a lot of things down and wore a headlamp, and a silk dress one time, at least one time, and wrung my hands and dealt with impossible possible things, and generally lived a life.

The stories are told through mathematical equations, carefully worded advice and flash fiction.

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Hope you’re … well, you know.