roses & thorns, but mostly roses: great american women, 2/10

Texas-born model and TV actress Angie Harmon is #2.

As a teenager she won a couple of model-search contests, one of which landed her on the cover of Seventeen magazine, but it wasn’t until she was discovered by David Hasselhoff that her career took off. Oh, and he discovered her on a plane when she was 23.

David Hasselhoff is the original Charlie Sheen. The fact that anyone could have been brought into the entertainment industry by him and not ended up engaged to, then estranged from, Hugh Hefner is worth a round of applause.

Her first television gig was on Baywatch and somehow she transferred acting in a bikini to acting in a suit for Law & Order: SVU. One of her most admirable traits is that she demands to be taken seriously—something every female should do—and so she is.

I appreciate that video for a number of reasons. First, I love that she says “I’m an American before I’m a Republican”—this is something that I wish everyone, regardless of their political views, would take into account. One thing people forget when their preferred political party is not in power, is that our leaders are looking to do what’s best for America (not counting a few people and groups). Second, anyone that advocates unity is doing it right.

On a more personal note, her 2001 wedding to former NFL player Jason Sehorn was not televised but the engagement was:

She’s now starring in the TNT drama series (is it a drama? I know she’s a detective in it?) Rizzoli & Isles.

The title for this post comes from the fact that she’s mentioned that every night she and her family share a list of “Roses and Thorns” which is a variation of a game I like to play called “Peak and Pit” or, sometimes, “Good Shit, Bad Shit.” You share something great about your day, and something not so great about your day. It’s just a little daily reflection, and I’m all about reflection


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