Tip of the Hat: Teri Garr

I was always kind of in love with this movie. We didn’t own it, but I used to watch it every time it was on TV.

In retrospect, I think the allure lies less in Mr. Mom and more in the Mrs. who holds a prestigious job, parties on private planes (there can be no mistake that she is definitely drunk in that plane scene), gallivants around with her coworkers and is basically a boss (maybe not in title but in attitude) at home and work.

Teri Garr, the actress behind the Mrs. (whose name is Caroline in the film), started out as a go-go dancer then joined the cast of the The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour which set the stage for her professional career.

Born This Way *TM

Her biggest role came in the form of Sandy Lester in Tootsie–which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

"What's the matter with you people? I've been in there for half an hour screaming. Doesn't anybody CARE?"

One year later she did Mr. Mom, which…okay I still think it’s a pretty fun movie, but it doesn’t really make sense for an Academy Award nominated actress (you have to say all the italicized words with an East Coast/Baba Wawa accent) to do that after doing this.

Regardless, tip of the hat to Teri Garr for looking great in the 80s and much bigger things than that.

To be honest, Nolan Miller outfitted Mrs. for Mr. Mom (and was head of the costume design department for Dynasty and The Love Boat. BE STILL MY HEART) so he gets a hat tip for the style.

When shoulders became an art form. Thank you, Nolan Miller

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