first world problemz and moon river

Can we pause the Internet for a second?

I just discovered that Gap has an online magazine (calm, down Gap, it’s a BLOG) and there’s this article I want to read from the LA Times that has a rundown of “The six festival films you’ll soon be hearing about” from Cannes and the last three pages of my final research paper of the semester are dying to be written (and need to be written by Thursday afternoon) and I haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s online journal (these people know they’re writing on BLOGS, right? It’s okay to say it) and so of course he’s posted one-million videos to watch and, and…

Eh, you know what? I’ll get to it eventually. Or, not (my money is on the “not”). I’m not even going to bother linking to that NPR article that deals with the idea that we can’t possibly see or read everything great that is out there. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a kindness and Google it. It’s worth the .3 seconds it takes to read.

Basically: there’s such a lot of world to see.

LIFE magazine just posted a photo gallery of Carla Bruni that I took the time to flip through this morning. It lead me to this question: why are French girls so cool? If anyone can let me know, that would be great. Tickets to France are non-refundable and if I’m going to Eat Pray Love there (it’s a verb now) I need to know that the cool thing is distinctly French and unable to be imitated in America (nice try though, Mischa Barton).


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