pink fridays

I don’t really have a favorite color, which makes me a sociopath.

I’m not sure of the validity of the second half of that statement, but whenever I tell people that I don’t have a favorite color–and don’t really think about it–they look at me as if I’m a witch who has recorded freaky PSAs.

I am not a witch. I’m just like you!

I prefer clothes in navy blue, grey, black and white. My footwear ranges in colors: I hop around from lime green to red to beige to flower print to black.

My favorite nail polish color is a tie between light green, dark green, pink, orange and sometimes red. You have to be in an inspired mood to wear red.

I like my pink scarf.
I like my red scarf.
I’m not that fond of my blue and black checked scarf, but that has more to do with how trendy it is than it’s color.

My computer case is orange. My purse is white.

My purses are black, white, purple and yellow.

I guess I prefer the rainbow.

Or maybe it is insanity.

This week was a pink week: pink nails, eyeliner and even a pink shirt for Friday.

Wait, I emphasized the wrong thing, I meant to write: PINK EYELINER!!!

I blame Zooey Deschanel.

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


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  1. I’m really fond of chrome. Just like that country song. I think we should wear pink eyeliner to Hellyeah so we blend in with the demographic.

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