less than 100

Last year I wanted to get to one hundred thank yous but stopped at seventy.

This year I’m stopping at twenty-five and sharing most of my thank yous in real life.

Thank you to everyone who reads/scrolls/scans/casually checks in–I love you, I’m thankful for you.  Because if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?

Other thank yous, in no particular order:

  1. My mom and family members at home who are willing to make what’s theirs mine and mine theirs
  2. Two hour drives home
  3. Home
  4. Got dogs and office hours
  5. Good ideas and helpful committee members
  6. The entire 2010 Fall Semester, in all its almost-done glory
  7. Sunday night television dates
  8. Bethenny Frankel and SkinnyGirl margaritas
  9. Bravo
  10. The favorite button on Twitter (Jokes on Twitter)
  11. People who laugh at my jokes
  12. People who tell fantastic jokes
  13. Possibilities
  14. Time
  15. Jean-Luc Godard
  16. Bangs
  17. New music
  18. People and dogs who will dance with me
  19. Wonderful journeys
  20. Storytelling
  21. Screenplays and books available online
  22. People that inspire earthquakes, hearth fires, honesty and good intentions
  23. Basements
  24. The Simpsons
  25. Breaking the silence by reading something that makes me laugh out loud.

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