the house you grew up in + arcade fire + google = THIS

Step 1: Download Google Chrome

Step 2: Go to The Wilderness Downtown

I’ve written here about the trees in my backyard growing up, the fireflies and space and space and space.

I know the Internet is a place where people like Antoine Dodson cycle through the “celebrity” cycle in a matter of days and where people get fired for doing inappropriate things or quit their jobs in inappropriate ways but this?  This makes the Internet feel like something tangible and poetic.

This video makes all the years of dial-up Internet connections and Geocities worth it.  So, so, so worth it.

I would post a link but the video was made for you, not me.  Go reminisce and write a letter to yourself.

To the me who lived in that old house I wrote a few lines from “New Year’s Eve Prayer” and this: You are listening to enough Jeff Buckley.

You, my love, are allowed to rot and die

And then live again more alive and incandescent than before