the best of

The music from The OC still moves me at times.  Maybe not Gina Loring, “You Move Me“-move me, but something similar to that.

Scene: there’s a red Kipling passing through airport security–you know, the backpacks for kids that come with detachable monkeys.  It’s LAX and it’s crowded, so it’s a moment of breathless running and wild looks in different directions.  The music swells, it’s “If You Leave”, the slowed down Nada Surf version.

Every second.  Every moment.

Then it’s prom night and instead of the Blair and Nate, meant-to-be Queen and King thing, you’ve got the Queen standing alone.  Until he jumps on stage and gives his Seth Cohen speech, at which point that alone time on stage takes on a different meaning.  And is that an organ I hear playing?  It is.

Lights will guide you home.

But prom was the end, months before that there was a wedding bathed in blood-red cloths, pristine whites and “Maybe I’m Amazed.”  It was pretty, but it serves it’s purpose only when it leads you to Paul and Linda, poppies and English sheepdogs.

And if I could pick out a dream, I’d pick wildflowers, puppies and the country.  If you don’t get it, Paul can help you understand.

And once you understand, you’ve got to get Calico Skies and hear the best love story ever told.

May we never be called to carry all the weapons of war we despise