merrily we roll along

I love movies.

Like, if movies were a person I would straighten my hair, put on makeup, jewelry, costumes, etc, for them.  And I would enjoy it.

But, lately I have no time for movies and while I used to just drop everything and bootleg the shit out of them, I don’t even have time for that anymore.  So, now I have to yell at myself (mentally): NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NON.  I throw the ‘non’ in variety, because I like to end it with a French accent.

Anyway, I have a running list of movies on a little pink post-it note that I allow myself to watch when I have time–ie. when working late or when the weekend comes along.

This weekend I got to see TWO movies, that’s right TWO!

One was Precious, which broke my heart/opened my eyes/made me cry tears from heaven and so on and so forth.  Then I saw The Hurt Locker, which made me want to hug a soldier/Iraqi citizen/anyone affected by or confronted with war on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s Oscar season: the most wonderful time of the year.

And in non-Oscar related movies, here’s one I can’t wait to see:


4 thoughts on “merrily we roll along”

  1. I’ve been trying to psych myself up to watch Precious, but after reading about it extensively, I honestly don’t know if I can take it.

    It may become the new Legends of the Fall for me.

  2. Half-way through the trailer, I thought it was going to be a scary movie, and Jonah Hill was going to kill someone. Guess not. So that’s good. And now, I want to see it:)

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