day 95. In which I ask myself: how many hyperlinks can I include in one post?

I want you to know how hard it is for me to resist writing about these gorgeous Christian Louboutin black suede pumps that I found through Nicole Richie’s blog.

But, I refuse to mention them! I mean, how many posts can you have based on shoes?

Tonight, SUA hosted the Office Olympics in honor of the season finale of the show. To be completely honest, I’m not a huge Office fan. I’ll refrain from directly quoting my good friend Luke about why I don’t really jive with the Office, but I do want to say that nothing completes my Thursday nights like 30 Rock.

Although Day 365 is meant to be a sort-of documentation, I find that I usually refrain from mentioning anything that actually happens in my life.

I’ll try to remedy that, but I just find that my posts have the potential to be a lot more interesting if they don’t mention specifics.

In other news, Taylor Swift was at the university this Monday. She sat in on a Journalism class and I happened to snatch a cell phone picture of her. That appeals to a wide variety of people, right?

day 94. pure sex or OMG, SHOES.

I’ve been craving shoes lately. Yes, craving. This latest pair of shoes comes from The Fashion VisionBoard Girl, whose Twitter account can be found here: Great if you love fashion and want more insight into the industry.

I love clothes. I love shoes. I love accessories. I love fashion.

A few of my favorite fashion blogs/fashion websites include Rhiannon, over at Liebemarlene, NEET Magazine, a totally online magazine, and Painfully Hip, a great website run by a couple of sisters (who usually have awesome discounts for shops around the Internet) that I found through the Flickr community Wardrobe_Remix–a great place to get inspired.

Now, the title of this entry makes sense, believe me. Sorry it took so long to get to it, but if you noticed how yesterday I posted a picture of b-e-a-utiful Stuart Weitzman shoes, I just want you to know that the trend is continuing.

I tried to find just a cut out of the shoes individually, but since I can’t find them, here’s the picture straight from TFVG (upper left-hand corner are my shoes):


In fact, when I look at those shoes, “I Want You” by the Kings of Leon plays in my head.

Mmmm…press play:

This is probably just a sign that I’m transferring my cravings for one thing to another, but I don’t care! These shoes are the LOVE OF MY LIFE, and if you can’t understand that, then you don’t understand life and there’s nothing I can do to help you.

day 92. begin to hope.

After spending far too much time trying to decipher the “deeper” meaning behind Regina Spektor’s “Samson” from her 2006 album Begin to Hope I finally moved on and went on to listen to the rest of the album.

First off, it’s fantastic. I cannot remember the last time I listened to an entire album from beginning to end and was impressed by everything that I heard.

Currently, I’m listening to “Lady”.

Lady sing the blues so well
As if she mean it
As if it’s hell down here…

The song is filled with this deep, blues vibe. It sounds very sad and beautiful. In my imagination the lady that the song is based off of is quite similar to Regina herself, at least in appearance. With looks that make people feel as though she has been directly transplanted from the 1920s to our present time. Bright red lipstick, curls, and a cap. I imagine the lady with a cigarette in her hand, on a dark, rainy street corner. She would not look particularly anxious or sad, but would appear delightfully unaware of the world around her; totally focused on her own life, maybe keeping a secret that she knows everyone would love to hear.

Directly following our introduction to this lady, the song continues with:

In the smoke-filled world
Where the jokes are cold
They don’t laugh at jokes
They laugh at tragedies

Corner street societies
But they believe her
They never leave her
While she sings she make them feel things

At first it seems like a ridiculously sad song, but then she sings:

But on this stage
I’ve learned to fly
Learned to sing
And learned to cry

Freedom, freedom, freedom. It’s what it’s all about to me. Or, maybe just liberation.

I am enjoying this album. I love Regina Spektor. Plus, she’s a total bad ass and supports gay marriage and is Pro-Choice. What a rad chick.

day 89. Plinky Prompt Phridays: “…and that’s my cue to go.”

Today’s Plinky prompt is so very fitting for the weekend!

Here it is:

What are the warning signs that you should leave a party?

You know it’s time to leave when you hear a song come on and you yell “I LOVE THIS SONG!” then join in the singing (and probably dancing). In your mind you are Beyonce or, hell, Britney in her hot days. Hair swinging, lip syncing diva that you think you are, remember that you look like a fool, and those around you are begging for you to either (A) sit down and shut up or (B) LEAVE. Unless, of course, you’re at a karaoke bar. In which case, who knows when it would be appropriate to leave? My guess is never.

If ever there was a day to talk about nature conservancy…

I love Brazilets. I love wearing my wishes, and I love that because today is Earth Day they’re offering 10% off of their Brazilets (and they come in 13 unique colors and two mixed colored bracelets).

The thing I love most about Brazilets, besides the different colors they offer and the three wishes, is that Brazilets loves the rain forest.  A portion of every sale goes to Plant a Billion, a nature conservancy project that plants trees in the rain forests.

It’s refreshing to see a company that is interested in giving back to a community, instead of just taking from it.  The history of Brazilets and the story behind the wishes can be found at

Here are a couple of facts about rain forests as they pertain to our global environment and well-being taken from
* Fact: Rainforests act as the world’s thermostat by regulating temperatures and weather patterns.
* Fact: One-fifth of the world’s fresh water is found in the Amazon Basin.
* Fact: Rainforests are critical in maintaining the Earth’s limited supply of drinking and fresh water.

The rainforests are such an important part of our global climate and that’s why I feel we should do everything we can to conserve them.

I would encourage everyone who is reading this to take the time to make a difference in their environment today and every other day of the year.  There are plenty of things that you can do that don’t involve spending any money at all.  Take the time to recycle newspapers, plastics and whatever else you can when it’s possible. Make sure to turn the lights off when you’re not in the room and unplug your appliances when they’re not in use.  Be a conscious consumer and don’t purchase products that promote waste–like using a kitchen towel to clean the counters instead of a paper towel.   Take shorter showers and just be aware of the impact that you have on the Earth.

Remember, the power is yours!