This is the new year.

While I am fully aware of the fact that we are now technically twenty-five days into the New Year, I believe that the new year doesn’t really start until you have completed your own personal cycle of days. That cycle that I’m speaking of is the cycle of your life–your birthday! Tomorrow is my birthday, and now I can finally begin to contemplate my own personal New Year’s resolution.

GO TO THE GYM— It’s a totally original idea I’ve come up with to increase my health in this next year, and be healthier than I was in the last. Usually, I make the resolution to “be content” but really I only say that because (a) I’m already content, so mission accomplished! (b) because of reason (a) I can check something off a list and feel accomplished, and my god do I love checking things off of lists. Also (c) it makes me sound all deep and shit. Which, come on, I am all deep and shit.

But really…

I’m trying to think of things that I want to do in this next year of life, this last teenage year (oh, dramz!)and I’m sort of drawing a blank. I’d like to start playing tennis again, so I suppose I need to go pick up a new racket sometime soon. Also, I’d like to set and keep a budget. I need to be more aware of my expenses, especially if I want to travel abroad my sophomore year. Oh, I guess by this time next year I’d like to be living in a foreign country, and to actually have a passport.

I feel that the majority of my life is all about maintaining whatever state I’m currently in. Maintain my grades, maintain my health, maintain my sanity, consciousness, drug habit, etc. And I think it’s time for me to finally seek to go past just maintaining.  Besides, to maintain your position is to remain stagnant.  There is no way to ever grow as a person, if you’re not allowing yourself to move past a certain point.  I want to get even better grades than I got last semester. I want to participate in a marathon, I want to read a book on philosophy written by an important religious leader, and I want to read a book on fashion written by an influential designer… or Rachel Zoe.
I want to keep an open mind. I want to meet and hang out with people completely different from anyone I’ve ever met.

I want to have a conversation totally in Spanish with a Native speaker. I want to do something that scares me everyday. I want to learn how to cook a really great dessert.

I want to learn to cook!

I want to fully embrace the power and beauty of youth, even when I don’t believe in it.

This post was originally written on January 25th, the day before my birthday, and the day of the Chinese New Year.  January 26th marks the beginning of my new year, and the beginning of a new challenge.  January 26th begins day 365.  I’m taking a picture every single day to document this year.  I pinky promise you all, readers.  I will not let you down.